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LSS and Dongguan Dongjiang Star Plaza aluminum ceiling wholesale case

LSS hand in hand with Dongguan Dongjiang Star Plaza aluminum ceiling wholesale case: in June 2016, Dongguan Dongjiang Star Plaza through the company partner to find aluminum Sense customized a batch of aluminum ceiling, during the use of after feeling not only practical, but also very durable, so each other became an important partner.

Aluminum ceiling is a convenient air circulation, exhaust, heat dissipation ceiling partition decorative materials, then choose aluminum ceiling to see its material, do not focus on its thickness. And dismantle the aluminum ceiling to pay attention to the small to destroy the air ducts and flue, dismantle the aluminum ceiling before cutting off the power supply, dismantling is the ceiling within the line as much as possible an amount and dispose of, reinstall the ceiling before the wiring is basically useless. At the same time, the surface treatment process of aluminum ceiling is mainly lamination, roller coating, anodic oxidation, the implementation of these processes and the advantages are different.

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