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LSS and Dongguan Vanke aluminum square wholesale custom case

LSS join hands with Dongguan Wanke aluminum square wholesale custom case: May 2019, Dongguan Wanke through the company partner introduced to aluminum Sincere aluminum square is very good, wholesale some for use after feeling very satisfied, so Dongguan Wanke became an important partner of aluminum Sincere.

Aluminium square pass is one of the ceiling materials produced in recent years, aluminium square pass has an open view, ventilation, air permeability, its lines are bright and neat, layered, reflecting the simple and clear modern style, simple and convenient installation and dismantling, becoming the main product of the decoration market in recent years. The aluminium square can be used in public places with a large number of hidden projects and a dense flow of people, which facilitates the circulation of air, exhaust and heat dissipation, and at the same time enables the light to be evenly distributed, making the whole space spacious and bright. It is widely used in open places such as subways, high speed railway stations, stations, airports, large shopping malls, passages, leisure places, public toilets, hotels, schools, restaurants and building facades.

Guangdong LSS Building Materials Co., Ltd. is a supplier with a complete set of production lines for panels and extrusion lines for aluminium alloy edge profiles. The company has custom bathroom partitions, custom wall panels, aluminium squares, aluminium ceilings and other products, and is committed to supplying customers with satisfactory custom service solutions.