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LSS and Shenzhen Baoan Community Wall Panel Customization Case

LSS hand in hand with Shenzhen Baoan community wall panel customization case: in June 2018, Shenzhen Baoan community found LSS through a friend's introduction, after understanding the strength of Aluminum Shensi's wall panel customization, decided to give the community's wall panel customization to Aluminum Shensi in charge, after each other became an important partner.

Modern public buildings pursue humanity and fashion, durable and easy to maintain, and as a result of modern interior decoration technology hanging wall system has become a better choice. Wall panels can be fixed to brick walls and other materials, or directly to metal frames on both sides to form partitions in interior spaces. The wall panel can be used as a decorative material because of its colour paper layer, and also as a structural material because of its strong and impact resistant properties.

Guangdong LSS Building Materials Co., Ltd. is a supplier with a complete set of production lines for panels and extrusion lines for aluminium edging profiles. The company has customised bathroom partitions, customised wall panels, aluminium squares, aluminium ceilings and other products, and is committed to supplying customers with satisfactory customised service solutions.