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About the measurement of public bathroom partitions

In places like office buildings and large shopping centres, there is always a lot of foot traffic. The size of public toilets is also very important. Of course, the size and style of the bathroom partition, how to be more aesthetic, and at the same time aesthetically strong and practical, this is what our designers need to worry about! Today we are going to talk to you about how to measure the size of a public bathroom partition.

Usually, if each squat has the same dimensions and is even or equal, it is very simple to just measure the total length. This total length refers to the total length from the outside of the squat on the far left to the outside of the squat on the right, plus a measure of the depth. This is also what we usually call the width, which is usually 1.2 metres. If there are steps, the width can not do 1.2 metres, to reduce the width of a 5cm, because we also have to install the feet, or the feet have no place to install it.

If not every evenly divided case we follow the evenly divided size to calculate easy to cause bias file, the so-called bias file is not squatting and bathroom door in the same straight line, so the overall effect looks very ugly, then how to do not bias file it? First of all, we should measure the size of the wall to the middle of the first squat toilet, and then measure the distance from the middle of each squat toilet to the middle of each squat toilet, which is what we call the distance from the middle of the toilet to the middle of the toilet, and finally measure the distance from the middle of the last toilet to the wall, so that the measured size will not cause the phenomenon of partial file.

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