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Bathroom partition manufacturers introduce bathroom partition waterproof knowledge!

With the development of society and the progress of science and technology, bathroom partition board as a high-grade plate is widely used in people's lives. This type of plate density, not easy to moisture, the surface can be pasted with colorful colored paper, so by the majority of the masses. Due to its decorative qualities, many designers like to use it to design their bathrooms.

Due to the changing tastes of consumers and higher requirements for the grade of bathroom partitions, bathroom partition manufacturers continue to add more new materials to the application of bathrooms. However, there is no change in the grade of its waterproof structure, which is mainly divided into structural underlayment, slope layer, levelling layer and waterproof layer. Let me give you a brief introduction.
Typical waterproofing structure grades for bathroom partitions are
Structural underlayment: structural underlayment is mainly cast-in-place reinforced concrete slabs, prefabricated reinforced concrete slabs throughout the openings or prefabricated circular hole slabs, mainly used for bathroom structural underlayment.
Slope layer: mainly for drainage slope, generally using cement coke bedding layer
Levelling layer: mainly using cement mortar
Floor and wall waterproofing layer: mostly using waterproofing paint or polymer cement waterproofing mortar, wall surface is mostly tile surface or waterproofing paint, can play a very good waterproofing role.

The above is "bathroom partition manufacturers to introduce the bathroom partition waterproof knowledge!" The content of the 18 years of custom production of public bathroom partitions, committed to custom solutions and products for customers public bathroom partitions.