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Bathroom partitioning anti-better board introduction

We know to do bathroom partitions commonly used is anti-better board, and sometimes curious why anti-better board so durable? What is the material of anti-better board? This doubt small make up to everyone to solve it!

Anti-better board is a wear-resistant decorative board, but also a phenolic resin board. In this way, it is mainly composed of phenolic resin and wear-resistant kraft paper, pressed by high temperature and pressure.
Here, we can note that the thickness of the antibond board is from 2 to 25 mm, all of which can be made to order. When used for bathroom partitions, the thickness should be as low as 12mm, which is also to ensure the quality of the partitions used.
The excellent production process and raw materials make the performance of the anti-partite panels very strong. Collectively, the following points are the main properties of the anti-between panels:
Moisture resistance: the moisture resistant panels have a very low water absorption rate. Under high temperature and pressure conditions, the high performance resin on both sides of the board is integrated into the core, giving the board good protection. As a result, the panels do not become mouldy or rotten due to water.
Impact resistance:The special surface structure gives excellent impact and scratch resistance, making it particularly suitable for areas with high usage and frequent cleaning. Even in high-frequency use, the resist board retains its appearance for a long time without fading.
Easy to clean: antibond board cleans well, as any slight dirt on its surface can be removed by scrubbing with TENA water. This is especially true when used on public lockers and desk tops.
Fire resistance: the surface of the resist board comes into contact with burning cigarette butts without damage. The panels do not catch fire and can remain stable over time.
Environmentally friendly: anti-partite panel products are odourless, recyclable and belong to the green bathroom partitions.