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How much do you know about the size of public bathroom partitions?

I think we are not unfamiliar with the public bathroom, generally in hotels, shopping malls, schools, cinemas and other types of public places can see it, the public bathroom in a large degree to facilitate our life. We will see various colours and specifications of various styles of public bathroom partitions in public places, so how much do you know about the size of public bathroom partitions? The size of the toilet partition and other specifications even though there is a certain degree of care, the size of the public bathroom partition in different places also varies greatly. Let me take you through the standard size of public bathroom partitions.

1. public bathroom partition minimum size
Many places bathroom area is relatively small, but the flow of people is very large, sometimes resulting in the toilet position is not enough. For example, in some large shopping malls, tourist attractions, these places in the holiday traffic is very large. So how do you build more cubicles in a limited space? It is necessary to understand the minimum size of the public toilet partition can do, generally speaking, the minimum control of the public toilet partition 0.8m x 0.9m or less, if in small words some large size of people in the inside will feel uncomfortable, there is a depressing feeling.

2. public bathroom partition standard size
Public bathroom partition marked out size generally in 1.2m × 0.9m or so, more than this size will have some wasted space, but the overall space will be relatively large and comfortable.

3. public bathroom partition other sizes
East: sitting toilet 900W×1520D×2000H squatting toilet 900W×1220D×2000H

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