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Public bathroom partitions choose the right plate is the key

Now many customers in the decoration of the bathroom will choose to install a public toilet partition, this time you need to understand the material and price of the partition.

1: moisture-proof board: moisture-proof board is a more commonly used plate, it is made of special fiber material, after high temperature pressure, and then add some moisture-proof particles, and finally made, the main role of the installation of moisture-proof board is to prevent moisture and waterproof.

2: Polyvinyl chloride sheet, talking about polyvinyl chloride sheet, I think many of our customers and friends already have the corresponding knowledge! This kind of sheet is a kind of PVC material, whose main component is a mixture of PVC and vacuum-moulded film, and can be widely used in all walks of life.

3:Anti-bet: At present, the brand of anti-bet panels has been deeply rooted in people's hearts, but it should be known that the bigger the brand, the higher the price, and anti-bet panels in the finished toilet partitions, also belong to very popular materials, waterproof, fireproof, moisture-proof, long service life, loved and trusted by people.

4:Anti-better honeycomb panels, also known as honeycomb composite panels and anti-better honeycomb panels, are the most popular panels today. Boreal partitions combine anti-partite panels with aluminium honeycomb panels, so the panels have the added advantage of being less prone to deformation, atmospheric appearance, fire and moisture resistance. Therefore, it is also very popular with consumers.

5:Metal honeycomb panels: In this industry, metal honeycomb panels are also known as aluminium honeycomb panels, as can be seen from their name, which are made of a metallic material, the middle part of which is made of an aluminium honeycomb core and the surface is a thin sheet pressed with a special aluminium material. Metal honeycomb panels are also a type of metal toilet partition and are used more often in industrial applications.

As can be seen from the above types of panels, each has its own characteristics, so we recommend that when choosing a manufacturer, it is best to choose a professional one. Ltd. is a manufacturer focusing on the production of bathroom partition panels, 18 years of research - design - production - sales as one large factory (plates, aluminium alloys, accessories) at present, Foshan, an enterprise that produces its own do, from the source control, to ensure quality, many years of industry experience, with a professional R & D team and technical staff, to provide project consultation, technical support, on-site measurement We provide one-stop services such as project consultation, technical support, on-site measurement, drawing design, installation guidance and maintenance.