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Public bathroom partitions need to use which hardware accessories?


What are the accessories of the public bathroom partition? As we all know to install the public bathroom partition is the need to use a variety of hardware accessories to assist. So for the installation of bathroom partitions need to use which accessories, and what role do they have? Let me introduce you to the following.

1、Support feet

The first thing to say is that the support foot, mainly used to support the stability of the bathroom partition plate, so the support foot is very important. The general support feet are adjustable, can be clamped 12mm anti-better board and 18mm metal honeycomb board, adjustable height of 110mm-130mm. support feet can also be customized into any plate thickness, thickness height can be selected. Generally the support feet can be made of 316 stainless steel, which is more robust and durable.


The door lock is better to choose a rotating lock, which will not be affected by the deformation of the plate and is more convenient to use. There is an emergency door opening button and there is no one to indicate the sign, and the inner rotating handle has positioning every 90 degrees.


The hinge mainly plays the role of the link between the closing and opening of the door panel, there is a nylon lifting surface inside to achieve automatic closing, and can be adjusted to close the door angle, there are 48 angles can be adjusted, each adjustment of 7.5 degrees; divided into left and right, within the door way to distinguish

4、Angle code

Angle code is a thin and thick in about 3mm bathroom partition accessories, mainly to fix the role of the plate, the depth of the board with the partition wall link.

5、Pull handle

In the public bathroom partition accessories handle is also very important, the diameter of the door handle can be more customized. You can choose to install a single side can also choose to install inside and outside the relative. Choose stainless steel material is better.

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