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Guangdong aluminum Sense building materials, is a set of design, production, sales, engineering contract as one of the public bathroom partition manufacturers. With 18 years of experience in manufacturing bathroom partitions, the factory covers an area of 15,000m² and has 2 perfect automatic production lines for aluminum and panels, aluminum extrusion machines, automatic gluing machines and other imported equipment.

We offer one-stop production of aluminium, panels and accessories, with an annual production capacity of 100,000+m² of panels and a monthly stock of more than 100 tons of steel and aluminium panels to meet our customers' needs for bulk customisation and delivery as promised. We provide customization and collaborative design services, and produce drawings within 24 hours, and provide personalization according to customers' usage scenarios, such as colour, style and function design.

The main panels are: all aluminium honeycomb panels, galvanised steel honeycomb panels, stainless steel honeycomb panels, anti-better honeycomb panels, anti-better first generation panels, anti-better second generation panels, etc. We offer hundreds of colours and a wide range of partition styles to choose from.

Introduction to metal honeycomb panels:

Honeycomb panel is made of aluminum honeycomb core inside, the surface plate can be made of different materials according to the need, respectively, aluminum, galvanized steel, anti-better plate, plate surface coating (PVC film / PET film) with different textures and colours, and our home edge material are aluminum

Honeycomb panels as bathroom partition panels have a strong waterproof and moisture-proof ability, and are not easily deformed by impact resistance. This is something that no other material can surpass. The honeycomb core itself has the effect of sound insulation, heat insulation and flame retardant. The aluminium honeycomb core is made of metal, which is in line with people's demand for a green environment. The excellent performance of metal honeycomb panels has made it the most popular material for bathroom partitions in recent years. It is often used in, shopping malls, schools, underground stations, service areas, office buildings and other medium to high end places.

Introduction to Anti-Bet panel:

Anti-bet panel is made of decorative colour paper impregnated with melamine resin, plus multiple layers of black or brown kraft paper impregnated with phenolic resin, then pressed with steel plates through a high temperature and pressure environment, and can be made in thicknesses from 1.6mm to 25mm.

As the anti-partite panels are made from multiple layers of kraft paper, they are high density and are one of the few strong and durable panels that are suitable for public toilets and will not be easily damaged, and have good moisture resistance and impact resistance, which is one of the main reasons for choosing anti-partite bathroom partitions. And the relative affordability of the anti-partition board also makes it one of the common materials used for bathroom partitions.

We support custom bathroom partitions nationwide delivery, you need to do bathroom partitions can contact us, welcome to consult cooperation!