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What are the advantages of using metal honeycomb panels for bathroom partitions?

With the improvement of everyone's living standards and the development of technology, more and more public facilities have become diverse, of which the most commonly used to the public bathroom is one of them. The use of partitions in public bathrooms is very common. As we all know, generally the partition environment in public toilets is more humid and the environment is more complicated. So it is particularly important to choose what panels to use as partitions in public toilets, and now the more popular ones are metal honeycomb panels, which are very suitable for the complex environment of public toilets. So metal honeycomb panels in the end have those advantages?

2. Diverse colours and elegant decorative effects. The aluminium honeycomb panels not only have a variety of coatings and a wide range of colours, the coating has fluorocarbon spraying, polyester spraying and other ways, and the colour can be processed into more colours on the basis of pure colours, such as metallic colours, imitation wood grain, stone grain and other colours, the shape is more luxurious and beautiful, catering to the various personal preferences of the public.

3.  sound insulation, heat insulation, fire prevention and good thermal insulation. As the honeycomb core of each honeycomb is closed, thus blocking the flow of air, so that the sound and heat are effectively blocked, so that the sound broadcast and thermal conductivity of the panel is greatly reduced, achieving the effect of sound insulation, heat insulation and heat preservation. Moreover, aluminium is a non-combustible material, so it can be used as a partition in public toilets, which is very suitable.

4. Environmental protection and energy saving and easy installation. Aluminium honeycomb panels are not all aluminium structure, absolutely green quality, rigid but light, cost-effective, relatively low cost, and durable, absolutely energy-saving and environmental protection. Disadvantages: high price, bad plasticity, there are many plate types can not be processed.

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