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What are the considerations in choosing a public bathroom partition?

The bathroom is the most basic facility in many public places, and a good public bathroom can reflect the class of the place. Public bathrooms generally have a variety of bathroom partition panels, mainly used in all kinds of public buildings and commercial buildings on the bathroom, such as schools, shopping malls, hospitals, business buildings, hospitals, scenic spots, etc.. So when decorating these bathroom partitions how should I choose? What are the areas that need attention?

1. selected with a reliable safety factor of high products

When choosing partition materials, it is not necessary to choose a well-known partition brand, but to choose a regular and reliable products. You can look at the merchant inspection certificate, certificate of conformity and other signs. There is a condition to go to the factory of the business to visit in detail. Prevent the purchase of "three no products".

2. the appearance of the sanitary partition to be consistent with the overall decoration style

When choosing the bathroom partition, the colour matching and design should be consistent with the whole bathroom decoration style, looks more coordinated.

3. choose the right bathroom partition plate

There are many bathroom partition panels, and the quality varies. According to the class of the place and the budget to choose the right plate.

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