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What are the styles of public bathroom partitions?

Guangdong LSS Building Materials Co., Ltd. Trolley type is the most common bathroom partition style, aluminum Sense using high quality aluminum honeycomb core and metal panel material knot and become, the colour can be customized according to needs. Trolley bathroom partition with embedded structure, fast and convenient installation, ask the fixed in the ground, durable, for consumers to save part of the installation costs.

2: Rodless bathroom partition

Rodless bathroom partitions make the whole room spacious and bright, and air flow, it is simple and unobtrusive atmosphere, the top without ties and hidden border greatly improve the concealment of these compartments, the bathroom partition style can be used in places such as senior hotels, business office buildings and large shopping malls.

3: Suspended bathroom partition

The style does not require supporting feet, making cleaning easier and maintenance more convenient. It should be noted that the installation requirements of this style are relatively high, requiring the ceiling to be installed before laying, and is often used in airports, star hotels, etc.

4: Tiandi-style bathroom partition

Atmospheric simplicity and solid dignity, through the concept of the unity of heaven and earth from above and down through the air of heaven and earth, showing the dignified atmosphere, is the ideal choice for the flow of people, the pursuit of luxury and stability of the place.

The above is the public bathroom partition What are the styles? The role of? Guangdong LSS building materials 18 years of custom production of public bathroom partitions, dedicated to custom solutions and products for customers public bathroom partitions.