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What is aluminium honeycomb panel? And what are its advantages?

With social and economic development, more and more people are seeking higher standards of settlement, which has led to a boom in the construction industry, from large residential areas to small individual shops, from start to finish, the use of building materials is indispensable. Aluminium is an important raw material for the construction industry and has a wide range of applications in the building industry, and aluminium honeycomb panels are one of them.

Aluminium honeycomb panels are suitable for industrial buildings, automotive decoration, aerospace equipment, etc. Due to the high thermal conductivity between the aluminium sheet and the honeycomb, the thermal expansion and cold shrinkage of the internal and external aluminium sheets are the same. The aluminium honeycomb shell is perforated to allow free flow of gases through the panels. The rolling assembly fastening device does not produce structural deformation during thermal deformation and shrinkage.

1. Aluminium honeycomb panels can be easily assembled due to their light weight, flatness, compressive strength and rigidity. They are resistant to impact, organic chemical attack, corrosion, fire and can be recycled and used for thermal, acoustic and noise insulation.

2. Aluminium honeycomb panels can be used as noise and vibration dampers and vibration isolators in the construction and transport industries. Due to its light weight and good physical properties, it has different applications in many fields and areas. It is the ideal building material for hotels and restaurants, office buildings and commercial buildings. In addition, they are also used to decorate houses, bathroom partitions, kitchens and the walls of houses.

3. Aluminium honeycomb panels are also relatively beautiful, with a wide range of colours, zero colour deviation, strong decorative artistry, no infiltration of harmful substances, in line with the development trend of green and environmentally friendly decorative materials, and with many advantages such as good thermal insulation, sound insulation, heat insulation and flame retardancy.

4. Considering the high use of aluminum honeycomb panels with high recycling rate, if more housing structures can be standardized and a group of honeycomb panels can be recycled as much as possible, the cost of honeycomb panels can be significantly reduced and the cost cost cost of individual honeycomb panels can be much lower than that of other materials.

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